Openbravo CanadaOpenbravo, the agile ERP, empowers organizations across industries worldwide to improve business performance through increase productivity and business agility, while delivering superior ROI over the long term.

100% Web-based: Ensures easy roll-out to new users & sites, with access from mobile devices, with cloud deployment option to minimize complexity and capital expense

Easy: Web-based user interface is intuitive and discoverable, with role-based workspace providing an ideal starting point for new users to, leverage the ERP.

Powerfull: Multi-tab application design and state of the art grid work together to satisfy the most demanding power users.

Openbravo’s main fileds of activity : Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing

OpenSource : enables full customer control over time, providing the freedom of an ERP that you can make truly your own.

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Openbravo 3’s modular open source ERP Platform additionally supports in-app installation of high quality commercial and open source modules. These native extension modules meet long tale needs covering localizations, functional extensions, connectors to 3rd–party applications, industry-specific functionality, etc.

Openbravo 3’s comprehensive business functionality is implemented on top of the robust open source Openbravo ERP Platform, which provides an equally strong set of cross-application functionality. The core functionality provided by the platform ensures a consistent and productive end user experience, while also meeting key IT needs in the areas of security and integration.