M2R Formation
It is by training well your personnel that you will exploit all the potential of your investment. We commit ourselves to provide a complete training adapted to the continuous trends of the market. We can help your team, to improve their performance and their productivity, and reduce the margins of error. By guaranteeing a very good return to you on investment, the training helps you to generate growth. Studies showed that the trained resources can be up to 230% more productive than the untrained resources.

Our formulas are flexible and allow us to adjust our programs to reflect the release of a new version, a new product, or new concepts.

Our services includes:

  • End-users training
  • Adapting training programs to your specific needs
  • Onsite training Training with your data
  • Training on your data


M2R Consultation
Our consulting services are based on a sharp expertise which enables you to achieve your goals. Our consultants work with you to deploy the chosen solution quickly, to identify the improvement opportunities, to analyze specific problems of your activity, to control the trade’s needs, to give added value to your existing solutions and to help you to manage the change. You will profit from the necessary flexibility depending upon the implementation is on a single site or it’s deployed from a central application to several subsidiary companies.

The whole services will consist of a transfer of competences of the M2R consultants towards the project team of the customer, in order to adapt the solution and the client becomes the leader and the expert of the new system and associated processes.


This offer of provision of services consists of the maintenance of your applications and the specific components associated. It aims to discharge you from the constraints of your data-processing management. Becoming your single point of contact for your operational and maintenance needs, we set up a level of contract of services which meets your needs. We appoint a single interlocutor who deals with all the services relating to your solutions. You have also access to a bilingual first level of support.

The customers who use this service obtain significant reductions of costs and improve their productivity, in all serenity. This service also enables them to concentrate on strategic data-processing projects to attein their company objectives.


Our programming services propose a wide range of services upgrade or to improve your application or even to add specific components, without engaging you on long term expenses: a real advantage when you want to develop unique processes and data for your organization.

The experts of M2R can develop specific components which will enable you to control your costs today as well in the future.